Zack Snyder Says Rebel Moon Will Be Man Of Steel’s Krypton Scene On Steroids

man of steel krypton

Zack Snyder always knows how to kick off his movies with a bang, whether it’s the opening credits to Watchmen and Army of the Dead, or Dawn of the Dead‘s crash course in the zombie apocalypse. Another case in point is Man of Steel‘s opening scene, which gave fans their biggest and best look at Krypton in live-action.

A self-contained space opera that served as the prelude to Superman’s origin story, audiences never realized how much they wanted to see Russell Crowe ride an alien dragon into battle until they got a chance to see it. Snyder hasn’t really dived back into sci-fi since, but that’s all set to change with Netflix’s Rebel Moon.

The project originally began life as a top secret Star Wars spinoff inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, but it’s now a Netflix original untethered to any other franchise or existing property. In an interview with the Post Credit podcast, Snyder teased what we should expect from the in-development intergalactic epic.

“The beginning of Man of Steel on Krypton has pretty big sci-fi elements, and that’s kind of what we’re doing in Rebel Moon, but on the biggest steroids I can give it.”

A big budget sci-fi blockbuster hailing from Zack Snyder and Netflix that takes its narrative cues from one of the greatest movies ever made that’s being designed as Man of Steel‘s opening on steroids sounds all kinds of awesome, and Rebel Moon looks to be the ideal way for the filmmaker to continue his partnership with the streaming service.