Zack Snyder Shares BTS Photo From Batman V Superman’s Warehouse Fight


I don’t know what’s been up with Zack Snyder as of late, but the guy sure has been enjoying sharing all kinds of interesting trivia pertaining to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in recent memory. Sometimes, he may provide answers regarding things that have puzzled moviegoers for the past couple years, or he may declassify some cool pictures. Either way, he’s doing a fine job of keeping DC fans engaged.

When it comes to the topic of today’s discussion, it’s actually yet another picture, but it’s somewhat comical in nature. You see, it captures the Dark Knight during one of his more mundane moments. Or, in this case, it’s Ben Affleck’s stunt double Richard Cetrone trying to find a moment of rest in between takes.

Naturally, this came to us by way of Vero, which seems to be Snyder’s social media platform of choice when it comes to dropping images or conversing with fans. And in case you were wondering, here’s how the director captioned it:

“Found this on my phone. That’s Richard trying to find a quiet place during the warehouse fight.”

To be honest, I feel that Snyder, Cetrone and all others involved deserve at pat on the back for pulling off that particular scene. In the past, Batman had pretty much gotten into only fist fights in previous flicks, causing me to yearn for the martial artist that I’d seen in comics and animation.

Say what you want about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but I maintain it can lay claim to the greatest fight scene the Caped Crusader has engaged in on the big screen. Essentially feeling like one of the Arkham games come to life, we can only hope that this precedent is followed in all films to feature the character going forward.

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