Zack Snyder Shares New Justice League BTS Photo


As reshoots on Justice League continue apace, with some pretty major changes being made, apparently, one’s left to wonder just how much of Zack Snyder’s vision will be left in the film. From what we understand, new director Joss Whedon has already altered the ending and re-worked Cyborg quite a bit, not to mention he’s also lightened the overall tone of the pic. While the most recent trailer did have hints of Whedon in it, it still seems like very much a Snyder production, but until we see the full thing, we won’t be able to determine that for sure.

Of course, there’s also the fact that rumors point to Snyder returning to finish things off, which hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, it would seem that, at the very least, the director’s still got his mind on the project, as he’s taken to social media today to share a new BTS shot depicting a scene featuring Aquaman that was shot in Iceland. It’s unclear what’s going on here or what it may entail, but it’s a nice look behind the scenes regardless and again, signals that Snyder hasn’t totally moved on from the film.

Justice League swoops into theaters on November 17th, when Snyder and Whedon’s blockbuster will become the fifth entry into the DC Extended Universe to date. But can it channel the smashing success of Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie? Or will it struggle to overcome the hurdles and production woes that befell Suicide Squad? Only time will tell.

Beyond 2017, and aside from locking down a late 2019 release date for Wonder Woman 2, Warner Bros. has been coy about its future plans for the DCEU, but there have been rumblings that David Sandberg’s Shazam movie – a film that is seemingly much more light-heartened when compared to the rest of WB’s superhero output – is next in line to enter production ahead of its debut in the early stages of 2019.