Zack Snyder Shares Viewing Guide For Justice League Snyder Cut


We’re merely a week away from the long-awaited premiere of Zack Snyder’s Justice League in theaters and on HBO Max, and given the movie’s whopping 4-hour runtime, the director has opted to offer a viewing guide for those who’ll catch the flick on the streaming platform.

The digital release won’t include intermissions, of course, though Snyder still believes that there are a few instances in the story where people could take a break for bathroom trips, snack refills, or even reflection on what they’ve seen so far. That’s why the Snyder Cut has been divided into seven chapters, not only to quench viewer exhaustion but also to lend significance to the narrative’s many subplots. To that end, the filmmaker recently had a chat with Beyond The Trailer and proposed his own viewing guide for the people at home.

Justice League will kickstart things with “Don’t Count On It, Batman,” the first chapter which will be 30 minutes in length and concern the Caped Crusader on his quest to form a superhero team. This will be followed by “The Age of Heroes,” another part of the story, also half-an-hour long, that’ll set up the world and introduce viewers to the larger narrative. Snyder recommends fans to take their first break after this point, as the next two chapters will be engrossing from the get-go.

Chapters three and four take up an hour and twenty minutes in total, and include the director’s favorite part, “Beloved Mother, Beloved Son.” He’s explained that the end of chapter four is actually the true intermission to his film, even for viewers who manage to catch it during the limited IMAX screenings. So, this would be the perfect opportunity to take a 15-minute break.

Lastly, the final one hour and forty minutes of Justice League will involve three other chapters, including 10 minutes of credits. You might want to take another break after the sixth part, but that leaves you with just 20 minutes of the epilogue to go, so perhaps it’d be best to just watch it without interruption.

Are you excited about the upcoming 4-hour ride, though? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.