Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead Rumored To Hit Netflix In May

The Walking Dead

You wait long enough for one Zack Snyder streaming exclusive to come around, and you end up getting two within a few weeks of each other. Well, that’s if the latest reports are to be believed, with a newspaper article (see below) claiming that zombie heist action thriller Army of the Dead will hit Netflix in May.

Obviously, it’s the filmmaker’s other project that’s been garnering most of the headlines, with the Snyder Cut of Justice League now confirmed for March 18th, which is guaranteed to cause a huge surge in HBO Max subscriber numbers. There are going to be a whole lot of people dedicating four hours of their day to watching the director’s original vision finally brought to life almost three and a half years after Joss Whedon’s disastrous theatrical edition, but once the DCEU epic has been devoured by audiences, focus will shift towards Army of the Dead.

We still haven’t seen any footage yet with the exception of a very brief and very Snyder slo-mo snippet in Netflix’s trailer hyping the 2021 slate of releases, but if the high concept blockbuster is indeed coming to the platform in May, then a proper preview surely can’t be too far away at this point.

Army of the Dead will mark Snyder’s first non-DCEU feature in a decade, and let’s just hope that it turns out much better than Sucker Punch. Netflix are clearly hugely confident in the property given that a prequel has already been filmed and an anime series is in the works, and a team of hardened thieves robbing a casino in the midst of the zombie apocalypse certainly has the potential to deliver fantastically mindless entertainment.