Zack Snyder’s Justice League Joker Appearance Explained

Jared Leto Joker

Ever since hopes of its revival started circulating online, Zack Snyder had teased fans that Jared Leto’s Joker would make an appearance in his extended cut of Justice League. But following the movie’s final trailer, which saw the Clown Prince of Crime finally come back to the fore and drop the famous “we live in a society” line, folks have been driven over the edge with excitement about the prospects of his return.

Of course, the villain doesn’t have a big role, but his presence still serves as a powerful tease for whatever Snyder might do next in the DCEU. As you’ll know, the filmmaker once again revisited the Knightmare sequence from Batman V Superman in the epilogue to Justice League. Only this time, Bruce experienced a more comprehensive vision of what’ll come to pass when Darkseid attacks Earth and gets his hands on the Anti-Life Equation.

The scene shows Batman, Mera, Slade Wilson, Cyborg, The Flash and Joker running from an evil version of Superman that’s being mind-controlled by the big bad. This random group of heroes appears to be the surviving members of the Justice League, having lost many of their comrades in the fight against Darkseid and his minions. But the icing on the cake for geeks is the fact that the situation is so dire that the Dark Knight and his long-time foe have formed some sort of a reluctant alliance.

Though despite this half-hearted peace, the two still manage to give each other a difficult time. The Joker haunts Batman over his failure at saving his sidekick Robin, while the Caped Crusader recounts the death of Harley Quinn and how she wished for the clown’s demise in her final moments.

At any rate, if this vision comes to pass in any of the potential sequels to Justice League, the two of them will have to find a way to work together – a rarity in the world of comics in and of itself – to save their very existence, and we can’t help but admit that the dynamic already seems positively intriguing, to say the least.