Zemeckis Is NOT Directing Wizard Of Oz Remake


I was a little troubled when I read that Hollywood was ready to try to take down another classic movie with a shitty remake. I liked to think that The Wizard of Oz was sort of untouchable. I was wrong.

There will probably be a remake of Dorothy traveling down that yellow brick road eventually, but contrary to early reports, Robert Zemeckis’ rep told Entertainment Weekly that the famed director did have a meeting about the project but decided against it.

If Hollywood feels the need to remake this classic, then Zemeckis (Back to the Fututre, Who Framed Roger Rabbit) would have been an interesting choice to do it.

Interesting or not though, can’t we just leave some of these classics alone? EW seems to think they will be leaving the idea alone now that Zemeckis has backed out, but somehow I have my doubts.


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