Zoë Kravitz makes Catwoman her own in stunning new ‘The Batman’ photos

the batman catwoman
Image via Warner Bros.

We’re getting a slick batch of new images for Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman in the upcoming film The Batman, which sees the cunning Selina Kyle in a variety of outfits and scenarios. These includes images of her speaking in close quarters to Robert Pattinson’s Batman, sporting a pink wig in some kind of disguise, and wearing her signature cat burglar outfit. (But, for the latter, imagined as a black leather sneaking suit with an accompanying beanie that has a hole cut out for her eyes and two vaguely cat ear-like points.)

The images came courtesy of the @DiscussingFilm Twitter account.

In terms of the tone and style of the movie that we have gleaned from the trailers so far, the upcoming Caped Crusader saga looks to be picking up the baton right where Christopher Nolan left it at the conclusion of his Dark Knight trilogy.

That’s not to say the film will be a continuation from 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. Indeed, The Batman will be its own newly-imagined universe, but rather it appears to be taking a similar approach of having the story be grounded in realism and neo-noir elements, rather than the sometimes fantastical and campy past approaches to the franchise.

Even when compared to Zack Snyder’s version of Batman, as grizzled and dark as the older Ben Affleck version of the character was, he was still quite over the top — appearing in a mech suit and even sporting a kryptonite spear in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

We’ll have to see how all the chaos unfolds when The Batman comes to theaters March 4, 2022.