Zoe Saldana’s Critically Panned Horror Film Deserves A Second Chance This Halloween

Zoe Saldana

If you’ve ever lost someone, you’d probably do just about anything to have one more moment with them. But in horror movies, that notion is frequently paired with the idea that sometimes that last moment would be an unnerving one. On the other hand, some play up the idea that when some people pass on, those around them don’t spend too much time missing them.

Those key elements of human emotion mixed with both fear and skepticism of haunting are integral parts of The Skeptic, a 2009 film starring Tim Daly, Tom Arnold, Zoe Saldana, and Andrea Roth. The movie centers around a man who must sort out a lot when his aunt passes away, more than just inheritances and routine matters after death.

Zoe Saldana

The official synopsis for the film is as follows:

After the aunt of lawyer Bryan Becket (Tim Daly) dies under mysterious circumstances, he moves into her old Victorian mansion. Strange events begin to occur, but he ignores warnings from his law firm partner, Sully (Tom Arnold). When the supernatural happenings seem directed at Becket personally, he seeks the advice of a scientist, a psychiatrist and a priest. Eventually, a psychic (Zoe Saldana) warns of a terrible secret buried within the house, and together they seek to solve the mystery.

While The Skeptic didn’t receive favorable reviews, it does have an interesting plot and great actors to bring the storyline to life. It’s definitely worth the add to your Halloween watch-list this year. You won’t find much on the movie as far as the social media realm is concerned. Still, a few posts on various platforms had positive reviews for Saldana’s acting and pointed out that the ending satisfyingly pieced the storyline together for viewers.

You can watch The Skeptic now on Amazon Prime.