2011 MTV Video Music Awards Performances


Here they are, all the performances from the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. It was one of the better VMAs in recent memory, with Chris Brown showing off his high flying acrobatics and Beyonce revealing her pregnancy.

We also had the two kings (Jay-Z and Kanye West) protecting their throne, while Lady Gaga showed up in an all too creepy costume. Closing out the show was Lil Wayne who performed his new hit, How To Love.

A couple other performances snuck into the show as well, like Bruno Mars‘ very well done Amy Winehouse tribute and Pitbull‘s overplayed Give Me Everything.

Check out the videos below and let us know which one you like the best. The only one we missed was Adele‘s, which we couldn’t find an embed of. I think we got everything else though.


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