30 Seconds To Mars Release Hurricane Music Video

30 Seconds To Mars have released a music video for their song Hurricane and they’ve come under some controversy for doing so. The video is pretty edgy and as it stands, it’s currently banned as MTV says it is not suitable for airing in its current form. Apparently it is too graphic to be played on television according to band frontman Jared Leto.

The usual complaints of sex and violence have been lodged against the video but really, it’s not that bad. The version below is the non-explicit version but even then, it really isn’t anything too shocking. I suppose I can see why they may not want to show it to little kids, but I think if it aired in a later time slot it would be ok.

As I understand it, both the clean and explicit version are being banned from TV and the version below is the clean one. Apparently Leto is going to try and clean it up but still, this is kind of bullshit, if he cleans it up, it’ll surely ruin the video, and it’s great as it is. Leto has stated he has asked Mr. Kanye West for help with the video, hinting that West may even appear in another cut of the video as West helped out 30 Seconds To Mars with a remix of this song, which is better than the original in my opinion.

Check it out below and let us know what you think. As always head on over to KoVideo for the full review.