3LAU’s “Is It Love” Gets Remixed By Arty, Justin Caruso And Sultan + Shepard


Secret’s out – the electronic music community is in love with 3LAU‘s “Is It Love” featuring Yeah Boy. Hot on the heels of Jenaux’s “big room funk” remix of the track comes three more by none other than Arty, Sultan + Shepard and Justin Caruso.

None of the EDM tastemakers tasked with reimagining “Is It Love” seem to have strayed all that far from its serene melody. Sultan + Shepard’s remix incorporated more main stage-friendly percussive buildups and synth stacks, while Justin Caruso’s version takes the form of an 808-heavy future bass song with acoustic guitar samples.

Predictably, though, Arty’s remix of 3LAU’s instant classic makes for the strongest of the three – at least, in my opinion. Its euphoric peaks and flawless sound design almost makes me forgive him for the abomination that was “Bloodfire.”

Something tells me that things are only going to heat up further for 3LAU‘s “Is It Love,” but until more remixes come out, hit the comments section below and tell us which version of the song you like the best so far.