Electric Forest 2015: The Magic Is Alive And Well

1) Super Tall Paul And The Jive Joint


Elected as Mayor of Electric Forest in 2014, Super Tall Paul returned this year with his own New Orleans Vaudeville themed stage nestled in the Western side of the Sherwood Forest. Performing two featured shows per day, along with plentiful mischief during the intermissions, the Jive Joint hosted impromptu shenanigans across the entire four days of the festival.

Inspired by the audience, The Jive Joint served as a whimsical place of endless possibilities, with Super Tall Paul’s partner, Rossome, providing comedic improv the entire way. I found myself coming back multiple times and found it progressively harder to leave after each episode of belly laughing. In combination with the hundreds of other installations and the many performance actors roaming throughout Sherwood Forest, I won’t be the least surprise to see The Jive Joint Return next year after such a successful debut.