6 Alesso Tracks You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

6) Moma

You might not have realized that the Alesso of yesteryear could produce a proper deep house groove, but take a look at the 2010 Alesso EP on Joia Records and check out “Moma,” which effectively marries soft, warm synth plucks with gradually building percussion to take the dance floor on a contemplative journey through its understated melodies.

This track isn’t the kind of thing you’d likely hear at one of his main stage festival performances, but catch Alesso on the right night in an intimate setting and you might have the privilege of hearing him play it.

5) Think It’s Time

“Think It’s Time” features a lot of the same elements as “Moma,” but in this case they build up to a synth lead with adrenaline-pumping urgency. The track goes through more changes than the previous one, making it less of a club groove but more palatable to the fist-pumping sensibilities of a younger generation of EDM fans.

In 2010, Alesso hadn’t quite perfected the hard-kicks-and-hoover-synths sound, so the production values on “Think It’s Time” leave much to be desired – but considering that he was 19 at the time and hadn’t spent meaningful time behind the decks, he gets a pass.