A boy band member is being ‘confused’ with the newest COVID-19 variant

With the pandemic still raging globally and a new variant having been discovered, it’s not easy to log into any social media platform without seeing something about COVID-19. It’s become part of our daily lives, from news articles being shared, vaccine and testing information passed along from local government agencies, and many friends and loved ones sharing experiences while living through a pandemic.

Luckily, some people are still trying to find the humor in all of this somehow, and today, they’ve made it happen. Comparing Omarion to COVID-19, and here’s how.

As the new COVID-19 variant is being discussed all over social media, some are pointing out that its name reminds them of everything from film franchises to singers. The new variant first discovered in South Africa has been named a variant of concern called Omicron. Being a newly discovered variant, very little is known about it, but world health organizations and officials are keeping an eye on the situation. 

Music fans, too, are keeping an eye on the situation and the latest Tweets today show that they’re also singing some of our favorite Omarion tunes from the early 2000s while they do it.

Omarion rose to fame as the lead singer of the group B2K and if you listened to a radio at all in the 2000s, you undeniably heard their music. It was everywhere, and rightfully so, B2K and Omarion — as a solo artist, put out some incredible songs as solo artists.

The tweets being shared about the comparison are just the kind of comedic relief we all need today. Let’s take a look.

This user said it quite perfectly — finding humor has allowed us to survive all of this. So, when people can laugh and share memes or videos for just a moment with others, we can’t be mad at it.

Some fans shared some top-notch clips from Omarion music videos and clever captions to go along with them.

Of all the Tweets we’ve seen, this one was one of our favorites. Also, the song was immediately stuck in our heads, so we had to make sure you all experienced the same thing.

One fan wasn’t letting Omarion in, declaring, “Omarion will not dance his way into my life.”

This fan isn’t letting Omarion into their hearts, not today.

Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) even used the opportunity to encourage people to get the vaccine.

One person summed it up by saying, “Waking up seeing Omarion trending and getting excited for new music just to find out that’s what y’all are calling this new variant.”