A Major Lazer Collaboration With Justin Bieber Is On The Way


The story of how Justin Bieber and Skrillex became friends after the two of them worked with Diplo on “Where Are Ü Now” became a favorite among music fans in 2015, but Bieber has yet to release anything with just Diplo. Earlier in the year they revealed that that was about to change, and now his joint effort with Major Lazer is imminent.

Diplo mentioned that the “rap song” was already finished back in February, but that its release would likely be delayed until the summer because of the schedule delays of working with a pop star as big as Bieber. However, the two artists recently had the following Twitter exchange:


As of now, neither Justin Bieber nor Diplo have revealed a title, release date or any other information for the new Major Lazer track. It doesn’t sound like they plan to keep their fans waiting, however, so make sure to keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks.