New Act My Age Video Lets You Party With Hoodie Allen!


At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hoodie Allen released People Keep Talking in its entirety on iTunes before October 14th, as today marks the release of yet another song off the rapper’s upcoming album. You can already buy Movie and Dumb For You as singles on iTunes, and with Show Me What You’re Made Of available through his YouTube channel, Hoodie has now put up another downloadable track on iTunes with an accompanying music video called Act My Age – a party anthem for the young at heart.

Giving us Hoodie-Vision, we get a first-hand account of an extremely wild night in the life of Hoodie Allen complete with bikini-wearin’ babes, plenty of booze and some hardcore seniors who party harder than people my age. This is Hoodie having fun, singing about partying your days out and not worrying about the social norms that demand we mature, live to pay bills and stay responsible. What’s the fun in that, right? He’s toned-down the rapping a bit to create a sing-along even the drunkest party-goers can chant, and the bumping bass assures this will be a track blared by young professionals once work ends every Friday.

As you already know, People Keep Talking drops fully October 14th, and with about three weeks to go, I’d be surprised if any new content was released – but I said that same thing after Dumb For You. Hoodie Allen loves to keep his fans entertained, and by releasing new music in such a slow manner, the Hoodie Mob is able to get their fix of new content while still anticipating the upcoming album release.

Be sure to check out the video for Act My Age below in all its Project X glory, and let us know what you think about the new song!