Adam K Teams Up With Former Students Slander On “Breathe”


It’s not every day that a producer gets to make a track alongside one of their production mentors, but Slander were afforded exactly such an opportunity. The Los Angeles-based duo teamed up with Adam K on their latest song, “Breathe,” and revealed that the Toronto-based progressive house DJ/producer was one of their first artistic influences.

As far as the track itself is concerned, it falls exactly where you might expect a collaboration between the two camps to land. Somewhere in between melodic dubstep and future bass, the arrangement relies on pillowy plucks to carry Haliene’s soft vocals towards a radiant drop. While something of an aberration from either side’s norm, it makes sense when you consider what they both bring to the table stylistically.

As it turns out, Adam K and Slander have worked together on music before – but not in the way you might expect. In the SoundCloud blurb for “Breathe,” Slander explains:

A few years back we had the honor of taking a production class hosted by Adam K and it was one of the first times we ever learned about making music. fast forward to August 2015, Adam came to LA and while he was here we started this track together at our studio in Burbank. After he left we finished the track via Skype and email over the last few months… and now it’s finally here!!!

Check back often for more from Slander as the duo appear poised to make even bigger moves in 2016.