Adam Young Of Owl City Releases Film Score Album


The start of a new month towards the end of the year means that the weather is getting colder and clothes are getting warmer. For Owl City’s Adam Young, the start of a new month means he drops another new album, and his solo venture is only starting to heat up.

Since Owl City is just a one man band to begin with, all of his records are technically solo albums. But the difference here is that these aren’t pop records made to hit the top of the charts – they’re instrumental albums made from the inner-workings of Young’s mind. Since February, he’s released an instrumental, film-esque score about a historical event each month. For October, he releases Voyager 1 – a record inspired by the NASA space probe launched in 1977. Last month, his album was about the American Civil War.

The best part about these scores is that they require minimal attention, so it’s the perfect material to throw on in the background whilst doing other things, similarly to how Owl City’s music is, too. However, if you do decide to pay close attention, there’s a ton of depth to the atmospheric Voyager 1 and accompanying records. They’re also brief, as each record clocks in at around a half an hour to forty minutes.

You can check out the nine that have been released thus far on Adam Young’s official website. Expect the next one on November 1st.