Adele Six-Hour Therapy Sessions With Producer While Writing 30

Adele‘s December cover story for Rolling Stone chronicles the creation of her upcoming album, 30, as her life was dramatically changing all around her. In the interview, she discusses the songwriting process, detailing her marriage ending and the pandemic beginning and how many of the songs are for her son, Angelo. If not directly, they’ll help him understand what she was going through during a time of her life that likely didn’t make sense to either of them—not right away.

Her studio days began with ‘six-hour therapy sessions’ with her producer Inflo. As the pair worked through what Adele was experiencing, she was also taught to relax more. Inflo played iconic artists like The Carpenters and Marvin Gaye to help her through the process.

“He really taught me to chill out. He was like, ‘If you really listen, this is a mess. If you really listen, people are playing the wrong notes. They’re coming in at the wrong time. It’s all about the energy and the atmosphere that that creates. Why would you want anyone to do another take if you’ve just got the most perfect take that there is?’”

Adele also spoke of a few specific songs and their inspiration, one being a relationship after her marriage ended which brought her back to feeling loved, but she notes she knew it would never work out. Strangers By Nature, the album’s opening track, came to life after watching Judy, a Judy Garland documentary starring Renee Zellwegger.

The first single from her album, Easy On Me, was released last month alongside a music video for the track.

30, Adele’s first album in 6 years, will be released on November 19.