Adventure Club Gives Hurricane The Remix Treatment


Canadian duo Adventure Club are back, after having not released new music for a while, and this time, they’ve got a beautiful remix of MS MR’s “Hurricane” for our listening pleasures. Bringing their signature melodic dubstep sound to the track, they infuse the already great song with a ton of emotion and a gentle, soothing piano line.

Leaving the vocals in tact, and tweaking them just a bit with some reverb, the duo slow down the tempo of the tune, remove the drums and give it a dark, foreboding tone. The result is another incredibly enjoyable remix from Christian and Leighton, who never fail to impress. If you’re a fan of what the boys have done in the past to songs like “Crave You” and “Shadow of the Sun,” you’ll definitely find yourself falling in love with “Hurricane.”

Check out the newest remix from Adventure Club above and let us know what you think of it. Is it as enjoyable as some of their other work? Sound off below!

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