Alesso To Headline The Greek Theatre In Los Angeles


Alesso‘s so excited about one of his upcoming performances that he uploaded a video to his YouTube account just to promote it. The Swedish progressive house DJ/producer has been given a headlining time slot at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, and his marketing team is using all the subversive imagery they can think of to hype you up for it.

A black-and-white montage of snakes, roses, octopi and fake blood accompanies audio of his January bass house experiment, “Anthem.” Alesso’s own screen time is oddly limited, and the video contains no footage of him performing in any capacity.

The producer’s performance at The Greek Theatre will take place on September 24th – and according to Alesso, it will mark the first time he’s played a headlining set in two years. To purchase tickets and obtain other information about the event, click here.