Alesso Starts A New Era With Tear The Roof Up


Kicking off his exclusive contract with Def Jam and starting a new chapter in his career, Alesso has taken to social media to release Tear The Roof Up, the first track he’s put out since signing with his new label.

With a catchy hook, pulse-pounding beat drops and a huge sound, the song is definitely going to be a big hit for the Swedish DJ. He’s already been using it as an opener during some of his sets for months now and has teased it numerous times, so it should sound familiar to those of you who have been keeping a close eye on the young superstar.

The 7-minute banger is being described by Alesso as a “massive song” that will make people “want to tear off the roof.” After giving it a few listens, I’d say that he’s definitely right about that. Tear The Roof Up is certainly a monstrous track.

Check out Tear The Roof Up below and let us know what you think of the latest from Alesso in the comments section!