Alesso Treks Into The Unknown With Anthem


We all know Alesso for his breed of emotionally charged progressive house, eliciting the frolicking of thousands at mainstages everywhere. But what Alesso is not known for, are endeavors into bass heavy, heart rumbling electro. It seems that 2016 is already finding artists in the mood to experiment, and we certainly won’t complain.

“Anthem” is an attempt to dive into a different energy, utilizing a darkened approach rather than the euphoria inducing progressive melodies we’re used to from Alesso. The sawtooth waves are abundant in this crisply pressed track, with a serious acid influence on the entire sound and even a moment of hip-hop.

Sure, there are moments where Alesso’s roots invariably shine through, but it’s obvious his attention is more bass centric. Undulating background synths fill out the atmosphere, and sharp percussion round out “Anthem’s” valiant style change.

Have a listen above to hear for yourself, and let us know if you approve of Alesso’s new direction.

Source: Your EDM

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