Alison Wonderland Debuts Her Remix Of Lido’s “Crazy”


Following the release of her excellent 2015 debut LP Run, Alison Wonderland has been relatively quiet on the release front. The Australian DJ and producer has kept herself busy though, holding down a slew of concert and festival appearances, and thanks to a new recording of one of her recent sets in Los Angeles, we now have our first taste of an upcoming remix of Lido‘s “Crazy.”

Taken from his debut album Everything, Lido’s original track is an upbeat marriage of densely layered vocals, soaring strings and crashing future bass rhythms. With a stunning array of soundscapes contained in its four minute runtime, “Crazy” ranks as one of Lido’s more impressive tunes, making it a bold remix choice for the producer.

Unsurprisingly, she delivers a worthy rework that takes it into her signature trap territory, with captivating synth work, irresistible beats, and some clever use of the vocals. There’s no word yet on when Alison Wonderland‘s remix will be coming out, but this is definitely one track we’ll be looking forward to.