Alison Wonderland’s New Music Video Is Obnoxiously Apathetic


Alison Wonderland has finally received a video for the fourth single off her debut album, Run. Directed by fellow Aussie Prad Sen, “Games” centers around a deeply apathetic Alison winning at everything with damn near zero effort.

Set against the background of a utopian all-sports field, it’s a humorous interpretation of the track, but it may have been best to just leave this poetic juxtaposition to the song.

While it’s a stellar track, the acting is almost too forced, too tongue-in-cheek, making it more than a little hard to watch. Still, watching Miss Wonderland beat a sweaty old chess master and attack a couple karate students is at least somewhat entertaining. Honestly, it’s one of those music videos that you’ll either love or hate, but you’ll simply have to see for yourself.

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