Allie X Teases Bubbly New Single “That’s So Us”


Allie X is one of the most intriguing up and coming pop stars in the game. The Canadian singer and songwriter bounced onto the scene with her EP, CollXtion I, which boasted huge tracks like “Hello” and “Catch.” Her follow-up, CollXtion II Unsolved, is on its way, and so is her brand new single, “That’s So Us” – and it may just be her best single release to date.

Allie X took to social media to hype up the release with a brief clip of the sugary sweet song. Though the clip is only ten seconds long, it takes less than that to get the hook cemented in your head, as the lyrics, “What I like about you, baby / Is how you annoy me daily / But you still f–cking amaze me / S.O.S, S.O.S,” are practically unforgettable. Her music always has a catchy chorus attached onto it, but “That’s So Us” brings it to another level, making it a song that Carly Rae Jepsen would be jealous of.

When “That’s So Us” drops tomorrow, it’ll join a vast number of tracks already released for the upcoming project, including the emotional ballad “Casanova” and remix-ready club jam, “All The Rage.” Allie X herself has even made a Spotify playlist of all the songs out thus far, and says that fans will help with the decision process on which will make the final cut.

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