Amnesia Ibiza Forced To Close Earlier By Local Officials



Storied nightclub Amnesia Ibiza has made an announcement sure to elicit disappointment from diehard clubbers. After resisting the pressure of Ibiza lawmakers for years, the nightlife destination’s ownership has begrudgingly informed attendees that its events will no longer go on past 6:00 AM.

Where previous policies allowed the club to stay open until 9:00 AM, an official statement posted on the Amnesia Ibiza website reveals that in 2016 it will open its doors at 4:00 PM and close at 6:00 AM – a total of 14 hours. The changes will go into effect as of the Amnesia Opening party, which will take place on May 28th.

Part of the statement reads:

Although [we] don’t share the decision of the official institutions and before this drastic negative, Amnesia has decided to accept it and change their Opening time from 16: 00h to 06: 00h, producing 14 hours of music followed with new additions on the final Line up as Ricardo Villalobos, Pan – Pot and many more surprises to celebrate the biggest party that Ibiza has seen in a long time and will never forget; because, despite the continuous obstacles and disadvantages that put us on the road, we will fight that the magic continues in Ibiza and avoid that the music stops.

The ambiguous phrasing of Amnesia Ibiza‘s statement suggests that its ownership hasn’t ruled out the possibility of resuming its previous hours for future events. Until further notice, however, attendees will have to resign themselves to leaving around the time that everyone else in the world gets up to start their day.

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