Andrew Bayer’s Nobody Told Me Changes Up The Formula


It looks like Andrew Bayer might have caught the tech house bug, because a lot of his latest track doesn’t exactly scream progressive house. “Nobody Told Me” is the first part of his Anamnesis Trilogy, which promises an exploration of the “real progressive house” that became his inspiration while he attended Berklee.

Interestingly, though, “Nobody Told Me” still sounds very much like its own thing. A spacey hoover synth arpeggio sets a fast pace for the track. All but a few layers cut out, and an uplift builds to to the track’s most prominent change: a markedly less melodic progression that, from a production standpoint. sounds similar to much of what Kaskade turned out on his latest album.

As Andrew Bayer intends for the Anamnesis Trilogy to be an exploration of his earlier influences, it will be interesting to see how some of his previous stylistic phases manifest themselves in his new material.