Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Debuts New Song “Fire Escape”


Andrew McMahon has been making music for over 15 years, but the prolific singer/songwriter still manages to find a way to keep things fresh. His new single, released under his Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness moniker, is called “Fire Escape” and it just premiered today with a creative lyric video to go along with it.

Ever since his days rocking the stage with Something Corporate, McMahon’s always been a pop artist deep down, and Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness allows him to let that flourish to its full potential. “Fire Escape” is an unapologetic fight for radio play, as Mumford & Sons-esque verses lead into a chorus with pounding drums that can best be described as a Fun. song on steroids. Though McMahon is known for powerful piano ballads, “Fire Escape” is upbeat and in your face for the entire three and a half minute length.

McMahon released his first self-titled Wilderness album in October of 2014, and that, too, took a pop direction, finding success with the single, “Cecilia and the Satellite.” “Cecilia” was actually McMahon’s biggest song of his career, as it reached the top ten of Billboard’s Pop Songs chart, so it isn’t a shock to figure that he probably went into new music with a mainstream focus in mind. That’s not to say he’s in the wrong for that – everything that McMahon creates is done so with the utmost genuineness, and it shows in the music.

There’s no word on whether “Fire Escape” is just a one-off single or if it’s going to be part of an upcoming album, but we’ll let you know once we learn more.

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