Andrew Rayel’s Newest Single Is Winter’s Trance Anthem



Poetic lyrics rain above an utterly gorgeous piano melody in this beautiful ode to a winter love affair. Andrew Rayel has done it again, seamlessly blending world-class composition with energizing trance as only a classically trained pianist can. This all might sound a bit gushing, but there’s no exaggerating the quality of this production.

“Winterburn” is altogether magical, and we’re left nearly speechless after just the introduction. Belching low-end growls dominate the ambience as symbol crashes play against kinetic synths, culminating in Sylvia Tosun’s ethereal vocals.

Given space to dance over an floating backdrop and a tearful piano melody, Tosun adds a heaping dose of humanity to the piece. Majestic synth progressions blare over the breakdown, and arpeggiated sequences complement the track’s heroic bassline with ease.

We could go one describing the beauty within “Winterburn,” but you should probably just go ahead and treat yourself to Andrew Rayel’s masterpiece above.

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