Andrew Rayel’s Wake The Giant Remix Is Just As Meh As The Original


Andrew Rayel is one of those trance-ish artists that isn’t particularly bad, but puts out tracks that are largely interchangeable with all the other main stage sample pack masterpieces on the market. Case in point: His remix of Tommy Trash and JHart’s “Wake The Giant” sounds exactly like the original – or, at least, that’s how I remember them because of how forgettable they both are.

First of all, whoa, Tommy Trash is still alive? Second of all, what’s the story with that clumsy drop in Rayel’s remix? Unless you’re tone deaf, it immediately clashes with the buildup before it, and Tommy’s cookie-cutter version is only marginally better at that.

Then again, you might like Andrew Rayel‘s remix of Tommy Trash and JHart’s “Wake The Giant.” There’s nothing wrong with that, and there are plenty of places where people like you can connect with one another, like in the comments section below.