Andy Grammer Sheds Light On Homelessness In New Video


Andy Grammer has a way of doing much more with his music videos than simply providing a visual aid to one of his songs. Take “Honey, I’m Good,” for instance: the hit song had a clip that featured a montage of nearly a hundred actual couples that have stayed together for better or worse – some shown to have been in a relationship for multiple decades. Now, with his new single “Fresh Eyes,” Grammer is taking his video treatment to show something a bit more serious as he delves into the homelessness epidemic that is ongoing in the United States.

Though the song is really a love note to his wife, it’s easy to forget about the lyrics to focus on the bigger picture shown throughout the video. Grammer spends the clip at a homeless shelter in Los Angeles talking with some of the people who rely on their services, all while providing clean clothes and haircuts to those in need. The video ends with a message from Grammer urging those who want to help to donate to the Union Rescue Mission. Additionally, all proceeds from the video will go to the charity.

This campaign to bring light to homelessness is just one of the many times Grammer has been involved with charity over the years. In 2012, he donated $10,000 to a middle school’s music program, and last year, visited breast cancer patients for a live performance. It’s always refreshing to see a musician use their platform for something positive, and Andy Grammer is definitely making the most of it.