Anonymous Call Out The Prodigy Frontman Keith Flint


Taking a break from their usual targets like ISIS and the KKK, hacktivist vigilante group Anonymous released a new statement this week, calling out The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint for his alleged “festish for murdering animals.”

In the new video, the familiar face of the iconic Guy Fawkes mask that has come to represent Anonymous accuses Flint of engaging in unsavory fox hunting practices and associating with Tory criminals, with the intent of “politically kill[ing]” the front man.

In the video, we are shown graphic footage of a deer still alive with an arrow penetrating its mid section, which we are led to believe by Anonymous is footage from one of Flint’s hunting trips. Anonymous states that the video is not a threat but rather a warning, while stating that Flint has one year to change his ways.

Like many of Anonymous’ recent messages, it’s not entirely clear what the group intends to do if their demands are not met, but it will be interesting to see if an official response from The Prodigy or Flint himself surfaces in response.

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