Ansel Elgort’s “Home Alone” Isn’t His Strongest Release


I wouldn’t include NYC-based Ansel Elgort in the list of actors-turned-DJs who disingenuously sought to capitalize on the EDM craze, but his new song almost makes me think otherwise. “Home Alone” marks his first release under his real name, but this is one of those rare cases in which I would have recommended that he share the track through an anthropomorphic junk food alter ego instead.

“Home Alone” comes across as an attempt to ride the fine line between melodic trap and future bass – but from an artist who seemingly lacks the production expertise necessary for either. Lyrically, it sounds like the official anthem of overly sensitive guys who are trying to find a girl to bring home from the bar after the first and second-string picks have already left.

Elgort has typically released songs under the stage name Ansolo – or, in the case of his Pierce Fulton collaborations, as Shirts & Skins. If what he’s delivered for “Home Alone” sets the tone for what can be expected from other songs put out under his birth name, he should probably go back to using one of the pseudonyms.

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