ARK Music Factory Unveils New Star Nicole Westbrook With Thanksgiving

ARK Music Factory have amassed hundreds of millions of views with their YouTube channel, though it’s perfectly possible that you’ve never heard of them (and probably for the best). You have heard of Rebecca Black, though, and her super-popular viral hit “Friday”, which gave us properly meaningful lyrics like “Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday)/Today is Friday (Friday)” and “Gotta go downstairs/Gotta have my bowl/Gotta have cereal,” which is absolutely the correct way and order to handle a weekday morning.

But now ARK (and its seminal songwriter/lyricist Patrice Wilson) have brought us their latest find: tween Nicole Westbrook. And though she won’t be singing about a particular day of the week, her song is reliably calender-themed too: “Thanksgiving” has finally been granted a song worthy of the holiday. And just like in “Friday”, there are more “we-we-we” moments inserted in the careful lyrics and even more setting the scene from a time perspective verses (“December was Christmas/January was New Year/April was Easter/And the Fourth of July…”)

Mashed potato also finally gets the recognition it deserves, and Westbrook playfully uses a turkey leg as an improvised microphone. There are also several practical shots of food preparation, all of which eventually culminates in a meal in which Patrice Wilson turns up to spend Thanksgiving with eight parentless teenagers. Nothing wrong with that: “Gotta be grateful/Can’t be hateful.” Damn straight, Patrice.

So, what will ARK unleash upon unsuspecting music fans next? Whatever it might be… well, “we so excited”.

Check out the video for “Thanksgiving” below, which has already received over 3 million views and has made Nicole Westbrook one of those annoying internet stars in a shorter time than it takes to baste a turkey:

Source: Examiner

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