Armin van Buuren Announces Upcoming Gaia Album


Armin van Buuren dropped a major announcement during his stint at UK based festival Creamfields over the weekend. During a live Q&A session, the Embrace producer revealed that he will be releasing a new album under his trance sideproject Gaia with Benno de Goeij of Rank 1.

Gaia made a splash in 2014 with their Ultra Music Festival debut, which saw the duo deliver a celebrated set for trance purists, while performing in ominous hooded robes. The duo had previously revisited the project earlier in the year with “Inyathi,” but have been relatively quiet on the release front.

Throughout the Q&A, Armin van Buuren takes to Facebook from a laptop backstage at the festival to answer a series of candid questions, though he doesn’t make any more substantial revelations than the Gaia update.

You can watch the full video below, or just skip forward to around 9:40 for the question regarding the album in question.