Armin van Buuren And Ørjan Nilsen Team Up Again On “Flashlight”


After announcing back in August that an upcoming album under his side project Gaia is in the works, Armin van Buuren is back to deliver some new material. For his new single, the trance legend and Ørjan Nilsen are lighting it up with their latest collaboration, a high octane dancefloor anthem titled “Flashlight.”

“Flashlight” ranks as a scorcher of a house track with a production fit for the mainstage, as Armin van Buuren and Ørjan Nilsen offer up a barrage of meticulously crafted synths set to a high energy backdrop. The song kicks off with an electrifying synth sequence layered over a cacophony of four on the floor drum patterns. The two producers then break down the energy with an ethereal section driven by wiggly leads and cascading chords, leading into a heady drop with glistening melodies and overlapping rhythms.

Clocking in at just three minutes, the new single packs a punch in a small time frame. Structurally, “Flashlight” heads down some unexpected avenues by mixing up the standard build/drop formula, and Armin van Buuren and Ørjan Nilsen cook up a powerful outing ready to supercharge the dancefloors.