Arty Does Axwell One Better In “Waiting For So Long (Gloria)” Remix


It’s too bad every producer can’t have an Arty in their back pocket to impose some order on their creative chaos. We were less than enthralled with what Axwell delivered for the original version of the “Waiting For So Long (Gloria),” but in his official remix, Arty has managed to tie otherwise arbitrary elements together to yield a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

In Arty’s remix, the atmospheric effects of the original blend together with an echoing fluidity. Filters and effects applied to each track bind them together more effectively, and subtle changes to the arrangement as a whole makes it flow better as well.

After all, taking into account what he turned out for last year’s Glorious, it comes as no surprise that Arty would possess the production expertise necessary to polish another artist’s gems.

The Russian DJ/producer has remained relatively quiet on the release front since dropping the album, but his fans can expect to see more originals come from his camp as festival season approaches.

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