Arty Drops A Stellar Remix Of Cash Cash’s “How To Love”


Russian producer Arty is taking on New York based EDM trio Cash Cash, delivering a top notch remix of their single “How To Love” featuring singer Sofia Reyes. Flipping the tropical vibes of the original version in favor of a future bass production, Arty offers up a superb rendition of the pop-y dance track.

Sofia Reyes’ crystalline vocals retain their prominent placement in the remix, opening the new version accompanied by a gentle synth pad. As stripped back passages give way to the drops, clanking drums bang out a head nodding beat intersected by rhythmic synth stabs and pitch dropped vocal samples.

Following up on previous high profile remixes for Halsey and OneRepublic, the producer comes through with an unforgettable take on Cash Cash’s original, while injecting plenty of his own flare into “How To Love”.

Arty‘s remix is available today on Big Beat Records, and you can purchase the official release here.

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