AskMen Looks At The State Of EDM In 2015


During Miami Music Week, AskMen decided to put together a video series exploring the state of EDM in 2015. Gathering up a number of the hottest players in the industry, the outlet led a discussion that asked the participants “where EDM has been, where it is today and where it’s going.”

As you can imagine, the result is a very interesting watch, as we get to hear from some of EDM’s biggest player about where they think electronic dance music is at the current moment and what the future holds.

For their video series, AskMen brought together Dave Grutman (owner of super clubs LIV and Story), Cedric Gervais, Mim Nervo, Erick Morillo, Jake Udell (Krewella’s manager) and more. It’s a solid mix of individuals, as each one sees the industry from a different perspective and thus, is able to offer valuable insight during the discussion.

For anyone who’s a fan of electronic dance music, or even if you only have a passing interest in it, we highly recommend that you give this a watch. It’s not often that we can see so many big names in one room together, and though the videos are a bit brief, it’s definitely worth hearing what these individuals have to say.

Part One: The Evolution of EDM

Part Two: The Future of EDM

Part Three: The Business of EDM