Astroworld Festival Cancelled After Eight Die In Tragic Night

After a chaotic night that led to several injuries and deaths, the Saturday show of Travis Scott’s Houston-based Astroworld Festival has been cancelled. 

On the morning of Nov.6, the organisers released the following tweet announcing the cancellation.

This comes after Houston Police confirmed in the early hours of the morning that there were eight confirmed deaths and many injuries. According to them, the crowd began to compress between 9:00pm and 9:15pm, which potentially resulted in injuries and deaths – with at least 11 people who were transported being in cardiac arrest. Given the nature of this kind of event, it seems likely that the official number of casualties will rise. 

Hours before the fatal crowd surge, people were seen to be rushing past security through the gates.

On social media, attendees have been posting their own experiences of the Astroworld Festival, and what they saw of the night. 

This Reddit user gives their account of people trying to tell the producers about what was happening:

Another has put out important information about a place that has been set up for people to reunify with people: 

You can also call 3-1-1 or 713-837-0311 if you haven’t been able to find someone.

Evidently, there are a lot of questions to be asked here about the details of how this happened and can be prevented in future. But most importantly we send our thoughts to those affected and wish a speedy recovery to all who have been injured both physically and mentally by this tragedy.