A-Trak Gives Disclosure’s “Magnets” A Future House Makeover


It should come as no surprise to anyone with even an elementary understanding of electronic music that mixing A-Trak with Disclosure will yield inspiring results.

The former artist recently released a remix of the latter’s “Magnets” that gives it an upbeat future house sensibility. Largely driven by a filtered, pitch-shifted sample of Lorde’s vocal track from the original song, A-Trak’s remix also incorporates the rubbery organ bass line characteristic of future house into its arrangement.

The result is a more club-friendly rendition of the song from the Surrey, England duo’s sophomore album, Caracal, that still retains much of its compelling ambience.

Meanwhile, A-Trak hosted a remix contest for his own original, “We All Fall Down.” While the contest appears to have taken the form of a talent discovery platform more than a collection of remixes from already well-known artists, if it turns out any compelling material we’ll be the first to let you know.