Audien Takes Us On The “Adventure Of A Lifetime” With His New Remix


Audien is the latest producer to take a stab at remixing Coldplay’s “Adventure of a Lifetime,” delivering to us an energetic and refreshing take on the band’s hit song.

We begin with some beautiful piano chords layered underneath the lyrics, as the remix slowly builds and Audien infuses the track with emotion and soul. Once the drop comes in, it’s an all out blast of euphoria, with the producer sprinkling his signature sound all over the place, turning “Adventure of a Lifetime” into a dance ready song that’s sure to be blasting out of main stage speakers come festival season.

Of course, Audien is no stranger to massive pop song remixes, and here, he’s done it again, proving to us that he’s one of the most talented young producers around. While he’s been keeping quiet on the original release front as of late, hopefully this “Adventure of a Lifetime” remix signifies that Nate Rathburn is ready to bring us a bunch of new material as we gear up for the spring and summer months.

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