Audien Gives Us A Taste Of His New Single Insomnia


Earlier today, Audien released a preview of his new track “Insomnia.” With vocals by Parson James, the love ballad is definitely sounding pretty promising based on this tantalizing 90 second snippet.

The progressive house song boasts a high energy that makes it instantly infectious and with a catchy array of keyboard chords, it’s very easy to move to. Also of note is James, who gets a real chance to show off his voice here and absolutely nails it, emerging as a promising talent to watch out for on the EDM scene.

It’s hard to comment on too much more on the song as this is only a preview, but I’m absolutely loving what I hear so far and as a big fan of Audien, and now a fan of James as well, I’m giddy with excitement to check out the full version when it drops on March 2nd.

Take a listen to “Insomnia” above and let us know what you think of the track in the comments section.

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