Austin Mahone Debuts Lyric Video For New Song “Way Up”


At one point, Austin Mahone was touted as the next big thing – even having what it took to dethrone Justin Bieber as the new Prince of Pop. But, label issues stunted the singer’s growth incredibly, and even after all these years, Mahone has yet to release a full-length album.

That isn’t stopping him from releasing music though, as we’ve seen numerous singles, a few EPs, and even a mixtape aptly titled, This Is Not The Album. Today, we get a lyric video for one of his recent songs, “Way Up,” and it shows exactly why he still has that star potential in him.

Mahone, now 20 years old, dropped the teen pop act while ago, and has since molded his sound into something more polished with an R&B influence to it, similarly to how Bieber went from Believe to Journals. “Way Up” is arguably the most promising outing we’ve seen from Mahone yet, as the mellow track does its best Usher impression as it leads into an infectious chorus.

Though Austin Mahone’s rise to fame maybe isn’t going as fast as everyone would have expected, the blueprint for success is certainly there, as the artist is still signed to Cash Money Records. If he continues to churn out quality tracks like “Way Up” and the previously released, “Send It,” then the future will surely be bright for him.

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