Autograf Gives Bastille’s “Good Grief” A Somber Flip


Chicago based EDM trio Autograf have delivered a new remix of “Good Grief” by Bastille, dropping a somber flip on the indie rock band’s recently released single.

Autograf brings “Good Grief” into more minor territory on their remix, taking the upbeat original in a somber direction without losing the energetic rhythms. Steady kicks create a sturdy rhythmic backbone that runs throughout the mix, while dark synth progressions are layered beneath the catchy vocals. The new direction Autograf takes actually fits the lyrical content of the song a bit better than the original, while still delivering a dance floor ready tune.

While Bastille’s original song was an uplifting indie cut with down trodden lyrics, Autograf give “Good Grief” a genuine remix that manages to top its source material.

If you’re interested, be sure to grab a pre-order of Autograf‘s upcoming album Wild World and receive their remix of “Good Grief” instantly.