Autograf’s “Heartbeat” Breathes New Life Into Tropical House


Autograf has returned with the second track from their forthcoming Future Soup EP. Where the title track that they released last month saw the Chicago-based trio try their hand at future house, “Heartbeat” marks a return to the placid tropical house grooves that have become their calling card.

Pad synths so subtle that you hardly even notice them usher in pitch-shifted vocals and a melancholy strings section. Xylophone-like plucks compliment the meandering percussion of of “Heartbeat,” building up to understated peaks that set a more contemplative tone than that of what artists like Kygo or Thomas Jack put out.

Although Autograf might be one of the lesser-known names in tropical house, their unending devotion to plain-and-simple groove gives them a sophistication that legitimizes them in the eyes of underground dance music purists. If the rest of what they deliver for the Future Soup EP is anything like the first two tracks, their relative obscurity might not last too much longer.

Speaking of which, Autograf‘s Future Soup EP is slated for release on March 11th.

Listen to “Heartbeat” above and let us know if you’ll be anticipating the rest of the tracks from the EP by making a trip down to the comments section.

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