Avicii To Continue Releasing Music Despite Touring Retirement


When Avicii announced he would be retiring from touring earlier in the year, fans were understandably emotional at the prospect of not being able to catch a live set from the notable DJ. After a stint of shows culminating in his final performance last Sunday at Ushuaïa in Ibiza, the Swedish dance music phenomenon has now hung up the towel on the touring front.

Following up on his final show, Avicii has shared a message on Instagram to assure his fans that the performance was “far from [his] last days in the world of music,” despite the fact that his DJ career has come to an end. The post featured an image of the Stories producer on stage at his final live gig, while explaining that he intends to continue to create music before finally thanking his fans for their continued support.

While we’re still sad to see Avicii‘s touring career come to an end, we look forward to new music from him in the future.