Avicii Is Feeling Good With His Latest Track


It’s no secret that Avicii has a thing for soul singers. The song that transformed him into a household name, “Levels,” sampled an Etta James track, so it’s not too surprising that he’s going back to the genre for his latest effort, “Feeling Good.”

A cover of Nina Simone’s 1965 song of the same name, Tim delivers a modern spin on the classic that keeps the original’s soul in tact while delivering a slick re-work. It’s a definite departure than what we’re used to hearing from the producer, as it’s not exactly “dance-able” and is a bit too subtle and barebones for our liking, but it’s still a nice, polished cover of a classic song and should be able to find an audience.

Take a listen to Avicii‘s “Feeling Good” above and let us know what you make of it in the comments section.